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Benjamin Santi

CTO / Full Stack Web Developer - Symfony2 - NodeJS

Frameworks PHP
Benjamin Santi
31 years old
Paris France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Over the past 10 years, I have worked for a large number of startups and companies, as CTO or full stack web developer, in Paris, New York and London.

Since 2015 I regularly launch new projects with my business partners. My area of expertise covers writing technical specifications to business plan design, as well as developing and managing marketing campaigns.

As a full stack web developer, I have the experience and knowledge to create an effective MVP and quickly try a new project idea on the market.

I mainly use the lean startup methods.
  • Creation and launch of projects (Lean method)
  • Architecture and Database modeling
  • MVP Development
  • A/B Testing with Google AdWords
  • SEO and SEM optimizations
  • Created specifications
  • Designed the database
  • Shaped and integrated the graphic mock-up
  • Developed the MVP
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  • Created a WIKI about the website and its related services
  • Helped recruit the new CTO
  • Trained the technical team in DevOps
  • Vetted and tested e-commerce technologies and providers for the website redesign
  • Helped with the migration of the server architecture to a PaaS
  • Support and technical assistance
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  • Developed a web-service in NodeJS that allows instream and display advertising on MyTF1’s IPTV portal for all the ISPs
  • Added features in Symfony 1.4 on MYTF1’s IPTV portal, ByBox, Freebox, Orange Box and SFR Box
  • Designed a NodeJS application for managing the "Rooms" of the TFOU website - http://www.tfou.fr
  • Developed features in Symfony2 for the Olympique Lyonnais football club’s website - http://www.olweb.fr
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  • Designed the database
  • Shaped and integrated the graphic mock-up (twig)
  • Developed the website (frontend + backend)
  • Search Engine Marketing
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  • Developed the database
  • Created the graphic mock-up
  • Developed the website
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  • Designed the graphic mock-up
  • Developed the website and integrated graphic elements
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  • Created specifications.
  • Created the database.
  • Designed the graphic mock-up.
  • Integrated graphic elements.
  • Developed the website with Symfony 1.4
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  • Created an MVC model for the project
  • Recruited and trained interns
  • Developed the website with the team
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  • Elaborated the business plan and technical specifications
  • Designed the graphic mock-up and integrated graphic elements
  • Provided SEO, online e-sport advertising and marketing
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  • PHP 5 - MySQL
  • HTML5 - CSS3
  • Javascript - NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Symfony 1.4 - Symfony2
  • NodeJS - Express - Socket.io - AngularJS - Ionic
  • Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento...
  • Heroku and AWS
  • Swift 3
  • Creation of functional specifications
  • Database architecture
  • Customer assistance
  • Code review
  • Team coordination
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Management of advertising campaigns (Traffic Management).
  • Creation of business plans
  • Development software (Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, Eclipse, etc...)
  • Browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) and development tools and plugins (Firebug, Web developer toolbar, etc...)
  • FTP/SSH clients such as Filezilla, putty, WinSCP, etc.
  • Revision control software like GIT and SVN
  • Deployment tools (Capistrano/Capifony)
  • Project management tools (GitHub, Redmine, CodeBase...)
  • Adobe Suite graphic design software
  • Office software (Word, Excel, OpenOffice, etc.)
  • Fluent guitar player
  • I like rock, pop and progressive metal
  • Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan)
  • Europe (Ireland, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Corsica, etc.)
  • United-States (New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles)
  • I was in Burning Man 2016 !
  • Vietnamese martial art (Viet Vo Dao) for 6 years
  • Taekwondo for 2 years
  • Savate French Boxing for 3 years